Q:Are books currently open for new orders?
A: At this time, books are closed until existing book spots are completed.

Q: How can I purchase a Hate Stick product?
A. Until books are open, there will be random drops of products in the official Facebook group for Hate Stick Manufacturing, on the official Instagram page for Hate Stick Manufacturing, and on this website. These products will be available on a first come first serve basis. (I will add links to Facebook and Instagram.)

Q: Do you accept international orders?
A: International orders are accepted. Buyer assumes all risk due to confiscation, loss, damage, etc. Buyer assumes responsibility for all taxes, duties, and other fees associated with importing goods.

Q: Do you take custom orders?
A: If you are interested in a custom order, please use the contact form below to submit your request. Custom order requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. All Hate Stick products are made in the USA by the owner. For this reason, not all custom order requests will be accepted.

For all other inquiries, please use the contact form below.

Contact us for any questions you have that are not answered above.

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